Defending Employment Tribunal Cases


Defending Employment Tribunal Claims

If a former employee has commenced a claim against you at an Employment Tribunal, it’s vital that you defend the claim to the best of your ability. The outcomes of tribunals are often available to the public, so it can affect your reputation as an employer if the outcome is not favourable. With the right specialist advice on your side, you can defend the claim and ensure that you adhere to the correct rules and procedures.

Our specialist team advises clients in different languages on a wide range of Employment Law matters. Call them on 0208 1111 911 or contact them through the website to discuss your circumstances with them.


What is an Employment Tribunal?

If you have dismissed an employee after two or more years of service, they may try to claim against you at an Employment Tribunal. They may do so if they feel they have genuine grounds for a claim of Wrongful, Unfair or Constructive Dismissal.

From the date of their dismissal, they have three months (minus a day) to make their claim. You must then respond within 28 days with your version of events, with a view to getting the claim struck out by the tribunal. Depending on the claims put forward by either party, the case may then proceed to a full tribunal hearing, with evidence such as witness statements being put forward by either side before any hearing takes place.

Many cases are settled before they reach a final hearing. We can advise at all stages whether or not we think the claim should be defended further, or whether settlement would be a better option. Even a relatively weak claim can take time, money and effort to defend and could still succeed, resulting in negative publicity for your business.

Defending a claim involves balancing the risk of failure against the reputation and resources of your business.


What other legal services might I need?

The best form of defence against employment tribunals is of course to help prevent them through clear, fair employment procedures. We can advise you on all of the main areas of Employment Law including drafting of Employment Contracts, Restrictive Covenants, Settlement Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements and more.

We can also advise on other aspects of Business Law, such as Commercial Property, Dispute Resolution and Commercial Agreements.


How do I get advice on defending Employment Tribunal claims?

Call us on 0208 1111 911 or contact us through the website and we’ll discuss the circumstances of the tribunal claim with you. The initial call is free and if we think we can help you we’ll recommend the best course of action and advise you of our fees before you decide to instruct us.

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